GCBA 4-H Beekeeping Project

The Greene County Beekeepers Association has sponsored the Greene County 4-H Beekeeping Project since 2011. The GCBA donates a “trophy” smoker to the 4-H Beekeeping Project 1st place winner in the Senior Division, and also awards each member who completes the project a commemorative hive tool. In addition to sponsoring the Fair awards, the GCBA also sponsors selected individual 4-H members by donating some equipment to help budding beekeepers get started with bees. The selected member(s) typically receives 1 basic hive setup upon confirmation that they have purchased or otherwise acquired a colony of bees to populate their new hive.

 Greene County sponsors 4-H members who elect to undertake the beekeeping project (641). Specific details will only be decided after seeing the number of new 4-H members electing to take the project (usually March). Any 4-H member interested in beekeeping is encouraged to Contact Us or message via Facebook to help us determine the number of interested youth and for any additional details or suggestions.

Sponsorship guidelines:

The Greene County Beekeepers Association will selectively sponsor Greene County 4-H members by donating a basic hive setup upon confirmation that the 4-H member has purchased or otherwise acquired bees. Conditions of this donation:

(a) Limit one hive donation per individual over entire 4-H project lifetime/cycle. Depending on the number enrolled in the project, we may restrict this to one hive donation per family in a calendar year.

(b) Bees must be ordered/coordinated through GCBA approved source no later than April 1st (estimated cost $100-$130, subject to package availability).

(c) Must comply with all legal requirements. Ohio Apiary registration fee: $5 (click for form)

(d) Must complete the project (i.e. 4-H judged at Fair).

(e) 4-H member must attend either the September or October meeting of the GCBA, prepared to tell 1 thing he/she learned from project.

(f) If 4-H member decides not to continue as beekeeper, agrees to return hive to GCBA or donate it to another GCBA approved 4-H member who wishes to assume the project/responsibility.

(g) 4-H member is responsible for obtaining protective apparel and other equipment related to the project.

To assist new 4-H beekeepers with determining their equipment needs, here is a list of suggested supplies/equipment.

Protective apparel and basic equipment:

Hat – ($10-$20)
Veil – ($21-$36)
Gloves – ($15-$28)
Hive Tool – ($9-$15)
Smoker – ($35-$50)
Book – “Starting Right with Bees” – ($12-$15)
Bee suit or jacket – ($75-$96)
Syrup feeder ($8-$16)

Complete Hive: NOTE: For beginning beekeepers who have no existing hives, consider using 8-frame hives instead of the traditional 10-frame.  8-frame equipment is lighter and easier to manage, particularly for youth and smaller-frame individuals.
Basic Hive Kit, Deep – $130 – $200 (includes bottom board, entrance reducer, deep super, frames/foundation, inner cover, outer cover)
Deep Body Kit – $45-$60 (deep super w frames/foundation)

Medium (or shallow) Kit x2 – $75 – $125
Package of bees w queen – $130-$150

You can find sources for these supplies on the GCBA Equipment & Supplies Page.Questions? Contact Dan O’Callaghan using the “Contact Us” page.