About Us

Greene County Beekeepers Association members are beekeepers dedicated to the care and future of honeybees in and around Greene County, Ohio.  Some of our members are just getting started as beekeepers, and some have enjoyed their apiaries for decades!  All share an interest in the wonderful and remarkable world of apis mellifera.

Our goal is to promote the world of honeybees and apicultural activities.  We invite anyone interested in learning more about bees and beekeeping to come to our next meeting or event and join our organization.  If you have any questions, or just want more information, please contact us to request more information.

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The current chapter in the history of the Greene County Beekeepers Association began in 1999. Although Ohio, and Greene County, has been active in all aspects related to keeping bees from the earliest years of ‘modern’ movable frame hives, the county had been without an active association for approximately twenty years. The arrival of the parasitic tracheal and varroa mites that decimated the feral honey bee population, and severely impacted the beekeeping industry, led to a new interest in beekeeping. On February 6, 1999, a small group of beekeepers met and formally re-established the Greene County Beekeepers Association. The purpose of the association was “to assist its members and develop an interest in beekeeping as a hobby or as a business”.